I’m 15 and I had sex for the first time two weeks ago and the condom broke, however I’m on the pill and I haven’t missed a day, and he didn’t cum(I know precum is a thing but I guess it kind of lessens the chances). I came off my pill two(yesterday, and today) days ago for the break period and My period hasn’t come yet, (although it usually takes about a day to happen anyway) I have mocks but I don’t feel stressed (I heard that that can affect your period). I haven’t had any side effects (ie nausea, swollen breasts, frequently urination etc) but I’m slightly paranoid as I really don’t want to be pregnant, should I be worried? Or should I take a test just to be sure?


Hi @Grace28
Thanks for asking this question - I am sure that it is something that many other people are concerned about.

I agree with you that I can’t see any reason that you might be pregnant, but I can also see that you are concerned about it - and it is so easy to do a pregnancy test, so if this would put your mind at rest then I would definitely do one - it might just stop you worrying and waiting. You can get them from pharmacies and supermarkets, they are not too expensive.

Hope that helps and thanks for asking the question.



Thank you! I rlly just needed some kind of confirmation if I’m being honest, I’m planning on buying a test tomorrow from the supermarket after school, and I know if I am pregnant my family will be accepting. I just felt the need to share my concerns with someone so thank you!


Thanks @Grace28 - that sounds like a good idea - I am sure it will be fine.