I had sex 2 days before my supposed ovulation date (although not too sure If it’s 100% accurate).

I am on the pill, but have only been taking it for 5 days and they haven’t been taken on or around the same time (I’m quite busy and therefore it can be kind of hard to take it around the same time).

I did use a condom, but it broke. Is there a chance I could get pregnant? I know the pill takes at least 7 days to work if you take it after your period ends, but would the hormones from the pill be in my system right now? Enough to prevent pregnancy?

I wasn’t sure if the whole 7 day thing was just a thing that’s said as precaution to ensure you’re definitely protected.

Sorry if that sounds stupid lol


Hello @Jods1504

I assume that you are taking the combined pill.

If you start taking it within the first 5 days of your cycle (the first day of your period is day 1) then it is effective immediately.

If you start taking it after that then it does take 7 days to work.

So if you had only taken 5 pills when the condom broke then you could be at risk of pregnancy and should take the emergency contraception. It will have to be Levonorgestrel which is available in almost all pharmacies. You need to take this within 72 hours of the risk of pregnancy. And then do a pregnancy test 3 weeks after the condom split.

You could also consider a coil which is the most effective form of emergency contraception but it can be painful to fit.

You cant take the Ella One emergency contraception because you have been on the pill and that interferes with it.

Remember that it only counts as a missed pill if you take it more than 24 hours late - so the fact that you have not taken the pill at exactly the same time every day may not matter too much as long as it was not more than 24 hours late. I did a short video on how to take it here

Many thanks