Queries about Contraceptive Pill discontinuation



I have been taking birth control pills for almost 5 months… I haven’t been experiencing any side effects in the beginning.
Since last 2 months I have been facing problems with my menstrual cycle and there are some other side effects too.
I want to discontinue the pills now.
I have some queries related to leaving contraceptive pills.

  1. Taking birth control pills for 5 months affects woman’s fertility or cause any hormonal issues that might interfere with the conceiving?
  2. How much time it usually takes to get pregnant after discontinuing the contraceptive pills?
  3. Do the side effects continue for some time after discontinuation of the pills?


Hello, many thanks for your question,

In answer to your queries:

No the birth control pills have no long term affect on your fertility at all.
You can get pregnant within days of stopping the pill. How quickly you get pregnant depends on personal factors like how often you have sex etc.
Side effects should resolve very quickly after stopping the pill.

Hope helpful



Thanks a lot for your response… :slight_smile: