Really long period



Hi, I’ve been using the contraceptive implant for just over 3 years now and I’ve always had quite irregular periods whilst being on it. However, they’ve never really lasted over 2 weeks. But I’ve currently been on my period for 3 weeks now

These are the dates of my most recent periods/spotting:
5th Sept - 8th Sept
13th Nov - 23rd Nov
26th Nov - 28th Nov
2nd Dec - current day

Should I be worried and see my doctor or is this normal?


Hello @grace9818

Apologies - I am checking this a bit erratically over Christmas.

As you know, the implant can give you irregular bleeding and the bleeding pattern can change over time. Some people have really troublesome bleeding that lasts many days.

However, the important thing to think about in a situation where the bleeding pattern changes is to exclude other causes of irregular bleeding - particularly infection, ectopic pregnancy and problems with your cervix.

If you visit your doctor, they will check these things out.

The other thing that it sounds useful to think about is that it sounds like your implant has run out? I think you mentioned that you have had it in place for over 3 years.

If it has run out then checking for pregnancy is particularly important and obviously thinking about getting it changed.

Hope helpful.