Red spot on labia



I have recently noticed a single red spot on my labia. It is not itchy but a tiny bit sore. I am worried about this but the doctors wont examine me due to covid 19 restrictions. I dont know where to go for advice. I recently had an STI test for chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis and HIV which came back negative. I dont know what to do from here regarding getting this sorted. Any advice please?

Thank you


Hello @willowrose

Many thanks for your question. It is really difficult for me to make a diagnosis in this setting. We do offer diagnostic service by photograph in some areas - it would be worth looking on the SH:24 website to see whether your area is covered. If not then your GP really should see you if you are concerned and I would advise that you go back to them if it is bothering you.

Apologies that I cannot be more helpful.

Many thanks,