Removal of Copper Coil


Hi, I have recently had my copper coil removed after nearly 3 years. After the first month of having it removed I had a period, its not been 3 months and for the last 2 no periods. I am not pregnant and recently went to the doctors as I just wanted some understanding.
However she said it will take time for my body to adjust, but the reason I had the copper coil was so that it wouldn’t affect my cycle and I could keep track of ovulation days etc.
Has anyone else had a similar/same experience?


Hello @lauren.w11

Thanks for raising this issue. I agree with your doctor - I don’t know of a medical reason that removing your coil would stop your periods - but others on this forum have had similar issues - take a look at this thread Copper Coil No Period
Again, I don’t know why this happened.

Many thanks


Low and behold after raising this query, I came on this morning. Huge relief! Thank you for your response.



Thanks for asking the question though - it will give others reassurance.