Replaced Coil Protection




I was able to get my coil replaced (22/05/2019) before the previous one ran out (25/05/2019). Am I protected against pregnancy (I took the progesterone only pill for a week before the date of replacement just to be safe) or do I need to use contraception for the next 7 days?

Thanks for all your help @Dr_Paula, it is greatly appreciated!

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Hello @elebelly

Many thanks for your question. The answer depends on the type of coil.

If it is a copper coil that you have just had inserted it should be effective from the day that it is inserted.
If it is a hormone coil that you have just had inserted then you should use additional contraception for the first 7 days

The statements above assume that the coil is correctly positioned and some people like to wait until their 6 week check to ensure that the coil is in the right place before they start using it for contraception.

Hope helpful.