Replacement copper iud



I have very recently had my third copper coil.
On this occasion it was a replacement having had my previous one for 10 years.
There was a mistake during fitting where the doctor accidentally put the new copper coil in without having removed the original one. This meant I had to go through the procedure again.
Since having this coil I’ve had symptoms that I didn’t have with my last.
The first month was fine but the second month gave me spotting/brown discharge every day followed by the heaviest period I’ve ever experienced (I’m 41).
I had assumed that I would have had no side effects from this new coil as had had my previous one for 10 years. Is it normal to have the side effects all over again with a replacement coil?


Hello @Charlie1

The first thing is always to think about other causes of bleeding - do a pregnancy test, an infection screen and make sure that you are up to date with your smear tests.

The second thing is - is your 6 week check due? It would be good since you are having new symptoms for someone to check that the IUD is correctly positioned. I think that making an appointment to get it checked would be a good idea.

Many thanks, Paula