Replacing my implant


I’ve had my implant replaced a few weeks ago and it didn’t run out till August so it was just a swap over, and he nurse that put it in said I didn’t need to use any extra contraception as it was just a swap and hadn’t run out. I was just wondering if this is true because I’m worried I could be pregnant, however I don’t know if I’m hormonal just because of the implant or just hormones in general!!
Sorry for the long post but I’m just stressing out!!

Thank you in advance x


That’s what I’ve heard, will hold off to say for sure bc I’m not a medical professional. I’ve heard people who have had the implant for ages with no side effects than replaced it and suddenly gotten side effects they didn’t have before - so feeling hormonal might well be due to switching the implant!
If your nurse said it was fine I wouldn’t worry :slight_smile: You can take a pregnancy test if you are really worried, read on the packet from when it will work (I think usually after 3 weeks) but having the implant won’t affect the result so if it’s negative you can rest assured!