Restarting my birth control pill midcycle



I am really confused.

My gynecologist advised me to take Lindynette 20 as my 21+7 birth control pill.

I took the first batch as directed, namely I started the first of the 21 active tablets on the first day of my period. I proceeded to take the 21 tablets in the first batch as directed.

Then I did something very stupid.

I took a break where I was not taking the pill for 22 days.

Then I did something even stupider.

On the 23rd day I started taking the pill midcycle, namely I started taking the second batch starting with the first active pill.

I guess such actions will mess up my hormones because the pill will kick in midcycle and I may have side effects from the pill taken in this way.

Please help!!!


Hello @Pig123

Many thanks for your question.

I dont think you need to worry to much about this as long as you did not have unprotected sex during the time that you were not taking the pill.

Just re-start the pill and wait 7 days of taking it correctly before you rely on it for contraception.

If you have had a pregnancy risk during the time that you stopped it then do a pregnancy test before starting and again 3 weeks later.

Many thanks