Restarting the pill


I have been off desogestrel for two years, I have decided to go back on as in new relationship. Can I just restart from my last prescribed pills as I have quite a few, rather than getting more from the doctor. I am 48 and I am slimmer than I was before. So my weight shouldn’t be a problem.


Hello @Wintle

The most important thing is to check the expiry date. I would have thought that after 2 years your pills would have expired. It is usually printed on the end of the box (where you open it).

It is probably beyond the remit of this forum for me to advise that you can take them because I don’t know anything about your medical history, but if they have not expired then you might be able to have a telephone call with the practice nurse at your surgery - she might just run through your medical history - and it would save you a visit to the surgery.




Thank you I will check both.