Second course of the pill with the implant


Hi @Dr_Paula, I got the implant in February, and had an extended period of about 3 weeks, and was put on the combined pill to stop the bleeding, which worked straight away. I took the 3 packs back to back, then had a withdrawal bleed. Then I had nothing for around 6 weeks and I am currently on day 8 of my period. My periods before the implant were only 3-4 days, so I’m worried it’s going to go on as long as last time. I would like to keep the implant if possible, but also don’t want a long period every month. Is it possible that the implant is still settling down - I read somewhere that it can take up to 6 months? Am I ok to have another 3 months supply of the pill and see if it settles before I have the implant out? Thought I would check that it’s ok to have another 3 months before I ask the clinic as it’s so hard to get to speak to them at the moment! Thank you in advance :slight_smile:


Hello @Laura2

Many thanks for your question.

Usually, whatever your bleeding pattern is on the implant at 3 months is what is likely to continue for the rest of the time that you take it.

Staying long term on the pill and the implant is not really recommended as it does not change your bleeding pattern, it just gives you a break while you are on the pill.

The general thinking is if you have to take the pill all the time then your implant should be taken out and you should think about alternative methods - maybe just staying on the pill.

There is not a lot of research on using the pill and the implant together long term, so it is generally avoided.

Hope helpful