Sex for the first time- bleeding




I had sex for the first time 3 days ago and am still bleeding. It’s light but a tiny bit heavier than spotting. The sex was quite rough for a first time as it didn’t hurt that much. I only sting every now and then but my stomach has been hurting a bit. We didn’t use a condom but he didn’t finish anywhere near me at all and has no sti’s. Is the bleeding normal as the sex was a bit intense for a first time or should i be worried? And how long until it’s safe to have sex again? @Dr_Paula


Hello @Soph

Many thanks for your question.

3 days is a bit long to continue bleeding but not unheard of. Maybe keep a close eye on it - I would expect it to improve in the next few days. If it does not then it would be worth seeing your doctor or local sexual health service.

Also, you can still get pregnant from pre-ejaculate - small amounts of semen that are present at the end of the penis before ejaculation - so if you do not wish to be pregnant it is very important to use a condom. If you do not have a normal period within the next 3 weeks please do a pregnancy test to check in case.

As long as the bleeding settles you can have sex again whenever you are ready - the most important thing is that you are comfortable.

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Thank you for the quick reply,
What about the stomach ache?
I think maybe the bleeding is caused by it being slightly more rough but if it carries on for another two days i’ll see a GP.

He didn’t finish for at least another 10 minutes after sex so i’m hoping it will be fine but will use protection in the future.

If i’m not in any pain is it too soon now to have sex whilst still spotting?


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