Should I take a break from the combined pill?


I’ve been using the combined pill for almost 10 years now. I was recently talking about this with some friends and they were shocked that I’d been on it so long without taking a break. A couple of them said that it wasn’t good to take it for that amount of time and that I should give my body a break from the hormones and let it be natural for a month or two. I haven’t had any problems with the pill, but it did get me thinking… are there any negative health effects from taking the combined pill for a long period of time (like I have)? @Dr_Paula? Do you recommend that people take a break every now and then?


Hi there, thanks for getting in touch. This actually comes up a lot, people often wonder if it’s a good idea to take a break from the pill. Good to hear that the pill you’re on seems to suit you. Unless you’re having problems or side effects with the pill you’re taking, or if your health changes, there’s no reason to take a break. The hormones in the pill are very similar to the ones your body produces normally, so they don’t ‘build up’ when you’re taking the pill. When you get a prescription of the pill the doctor or nurse will ask about your health, which helps them check that the pill is still a good and safe option for you. Basically, if you’re happy with your pill you don’t need to take regular breaks for health reasons. Hope that helps, Rachel.


Thanks Dr Rachel! I completely agree - there is no medical reason to take a break if you are happy on the pill and your medical history has not changed.


Thanks @DrRachel and @Dr_Paula , really helpful!


I have always wondered this too, so I am glad to see someone asked the question thanks @hrmc1 :blush:
Having taken the pill for a few years, and hearing other people say they think it makes them feel low… the only reason I would take a break is to see what the real me is like - without the pill… am I happier?

Has anyone taken a break from the pill, and noticed their moods improve?