Shower gels


@Dr_Paula Hi! So I feel as though frequently when I change my shower gel it causes redness under my foreskin. Do you have any advice for someone with a seemingly over-sensitive penis? And how can I treat the redness it causes? Thanks


Hello @Danny80

Many thanks for your question.

Shower gels have lots of chemicals in them that can cause skin reactions. The thing is to find one that has the least amount of chemicals or to switch to using the simplest form of soap that you can find - look at the ingredients carefully.

If the redness comes from allergy then simple measures like keeping it clean and dry can help. If you feel it is bad then your doctor might prescribe something - but usually it will get better when you remove the cause.

The other thing to think about is thrush infection - this is common and not sexually transmitted - but it can cause irritation - it usually looks like small red dots on the skin of the penis. You can try some Canesten from the chemist to see if that helps.

Like all these things - if they continue you should see your doctor.

Many thanks