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I started using the patch two weeks ago and have been feeling really nauseous for the last week and been off certain foods and the smell of it cooking. I’m just wondering if I could of got pregnant before I started the patch. As I had the implant removed the day before I started the patch in the middle of my cycle.


Hello @Caroline_Loose

I remember from our previous discussion that you were concerned about pregnancy in the transition between the implant and the patch. I remember that we checked the guidance on whether you would need to use additional precautions in the transition.

I think your chances of pregnancy must be small but I agree that your symptoms are a cause for concern and it would make sense to do a pregnancy test.

Usually pregnancy tests take a maximum of 3 weeks to show positive. You have been on the patch for 2 weeks so it could be a good idea to do a pregnancy test now and then check it again one week later.

Hope that makes sense.



Thank you for the advice


Hi Dr Paula I have done a test this morning but it was negative and I’m still feeling nauseous and it’s on and off through the day. I’ve got one more week then it will be my patch free week, should I do a test in a weeks time or wait to see if I get my period? I just want rule out pregnancy really.
But I did feel like I was ovulating too last week after I changed contraception.


Hello @Caroline_Loose

Thats great that you did a pregnancy test.
The bleed that you get in your patch free week is not a ‘proper’ period - its called a withdrawal bleed and it is shedding the lining of your womb in response to the decrease in hormone level in the patch free week. So technically, a withdrawal bleed does not exclude pregnancy - although it is reassuring.

So, the best thing is to do another pregnancy test in one weeks time.

I would keep a close eye on your symptoms. They could be related to the patch - and they might get better over time. But it is important to keep monitoring them.

Of course they could be related to something completely different - and that is another reason to keep an eye on them and to book an appointment with your GP if you remain concerned about them.

Keeping a record of how you feel each day could help.

Hope all goes well.