Size and Shape of condoms


Lots of discussion in the media on the size and shape of condoms in the media at the moment as a result of a study that showed that condoms when fully inflated are 3 feet long!

This builds on our previous discussion here about size and shapes of condoms.

In the article, a spokesperson from the Family Planning Association says that regular condoms will fit most sizes of penis. However, if you are having problems it is still worth doing the condom problem checking quiz here:

And checking out alternative sizes and shapes of condoms. Interestingly the article states that 1 in 10 people said they did not use condoms because they smell horrible. The things that might smell or taste bad on condoms are the rubber or the spermicide. You could try non-latex condoms (not made from rubber) or condoms without spermicide (no evidence that the spermicide helps to prevent pregnancy) or flavoured condoms.

You can get a range of different types of condoms for free from sexual health clinics. We found some trial packs on this website

We would like to know if there are other places where you can get trial packs so that you can try out condoms without having to buy a whole lot of each type - which is obviously expensive and wasteful!