Sizes and shapes of condoms


Useful discussion about condom size, shape and materials this week. You can look at the ‘chemicals in condoms’ thread for suggestions on one place to find trial packs with different sized and shaped condoms to find out what works for you. One of the SH:24 team suggested the following resources to work out your size:

It would be very useful to have more suggestions on where to get trial packs - it seems too expensive to have to buy a pack of every size and shape to find out what suits you.


This is handy.
Me and my partner still can’t find condoms that fit his size and that work for my condition.

Right now as we’re clean we just rely on the implant but it would be great to double up.

However I find the bigger sizes only do length and not girth


What’s wrong with the size for your partner? And what is your condition? If he feels it’s too tight it might just be he needs some time to get used to it. You want the condom to fit snugly otherwise it will easily come off during sex. I have fitted a regular sized condom over my head once so girth fit shouldn’t be an issue from my experience XD
Have you tried using condoms which are ribbed or similar to stimulate pleasure? Could be one to try maybe since the new sensations might enhance the experience and distract your partner from any initial discomfort