Spotting on POP pill



I’ve been on the POP pill for well over a year and have loved it- it’s stopped my periods completely and I’ve had no negative side effects. Recently I’ve been spotting, kind of dark blood like the stuff at the end of a period. Its lasted about a week and it’s not very much but wondered if this was normal or whether I need to see a doctor? I’ve taken two pregnancy tests a week after one another and they were both negative.



Hi @Georgiana,

Good to hear you’ve had good experiences with the POP so far. Are you getting any other irregular bleeding, e.g. after sex? Irregular bleeding can happen with the POP - we think that of women who’ve been on the POP for a year around 5/10 will have no bleeding or v infrequent, and around 4/10 will have a few episodes of spotting. So this might explain your symptoms.

There’s also a couple of other things to think about, which may or may not be relevant for you. If you’ve had a new sexual partner then it’s a always good idea to have a check-up for STIs. If this is the case you can search here for your nearest clinic The other thing is make sure you’re up to date with your smear tests - this is done every 3 years if the last one was normal, or more frequently if it wasn’t. If you are due a smear test this should be available at your GP.

Hope that’s helpful,


Hi Rachel,

Thanks so much, that’s really reassuring to know. Yes, this irregular bleeding started after sexual intercourse, but it could have been the case that I wasn’t lubricated enough etc.

My partner and I have been checked for STIs, and I’ve never had a smear test. I turned 21 in September so is this the right sort of time to get my first one?


Hi @Georgiana
Thanks @DrRachel

Georgiana - you usually have your first smear test at aged 24. Unless the bleeding becomes persistent then we would not advise having a smear test earlier than that.

Many thanks