Hi @Dr_Paula,
I have been on the implant for 6 years now in total, I have recently had it changed in July 2020. My periods always stop when I have my implant changed then on the last 6 months I get my periods back, but this time my period has stopped up until a week ago I randomly spotted just for a few hours, with period pain. I had only noticed I had spotted after being to the toilet. I’m not sure why this would have happened? Thankyou for your help


Hello @Jlg

For reasons that we don’t understand your bleeding pattern on one implant is not necessarily the same as your bleeding pattern on your next implant.

It is always worth checking obvious causes of bleeding by doing a pregnancy test and an infection screen and making sure that you are up to date with your smear tests (although the latter is difficult in lockdown).

If these things are negative then it is worth waiting out the first 3 months but after that, your bleeding pattern is unlikely to change very much.

Hope helpful