@Dr_Paula hiya I’m 17 and want to be sterilised, I have never liked children not even my baby brother when he was born 10 years ago! I can’t stand them, whenever there is a child around I leave because I cannot stand being around them. If I ever got pregnant I would get an abortion straight away and really I don’t know who to talk to because of my age, doctors will just say I’m too young to know what I want but that’s not true because I never want to be a mother I can’t think of anything worse. What shall I do?


Hello @Emily_Williams

Many thanks for your question. I agree with you that doctors are going to be reluctant to offer you sterilisation because of your age. All the clinical guidelines discourage them from offering sterilisation to young people. The interesting thing is that some contraceptive methods like the hormonal coil are more effective at preventing pregnancy even than sterilisation and some are very long lasting (like the copper coil which lasts 10 years). It feels like the most important thing for you right now is to find the most effective and acceptable contraception for you - look at your options here
Maybe choose one that has some additional health benefits (like stopping your periods e.g. injectables or hormonal coil).
Hope helpful.