Hello Dr Paula,

I recently received news that two swabs I’d done to check for chlamydia and gonnorhea came back as negative 15 days after sexual encounter. Would these swabs have detected trichomoniasis also or would another swab test be required? Apologies, I was afraid to ask my doctor and started to google frantically as I’m paranoid.

My syphilis blood test returned as negative also. I was wondering, could a blood test at 10 days after potential exposure to syphilis- can this be accurate in determining a negative result or should I get retested? Or is it only if you generate a syphilis sore you should return for testing?

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Hello @j_67

Many thanks for your post.

The window period for chlamydia and gonorrhoea is 14 days - so the test that you had 15 days after the sex that you were worried about should give you reassurance that you have not contracted these infections.

We don’t routinely test for trichomonas vaginalis (TV) unless you have symptoms - here is some more info about this infection if you are interested:

In answer to your question - was I tested for TV - it depends where you had your tests done. GPs do not usually have access to accurate testing for TV. In most sexual health clinics they test for TV only if you have symptoms of discharge - usually this is through a separate swab that they look at under the microscope straight away although there is a newer test that is sent off to the lab. If you would like to be tested for TV it is fine to go to your sexual health clinic and ask for the test.

In terms of the window periods for the other infections then you should re-test for HIV 4 weeks after the sex that you are worried about and for syphilis 3 months after the sex that you are worried about. This page summarises the window periods.

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Thank you for your guidance!

I had a blood test for the syphilis/ trichomoniasis ten days prior to potential exposure which was negative, but will have to re test late Feb along with the HIV blood test as suggested by my doctor.

Many thanks for your help.