I am due to have the merena coil fitted. I am sterilized but struggle with heavy and irregular period (3 weeks out of 4) I’m 46 and have a bmi of 37.5. I’m concerned about whether this would be suitable for me.


Hi @Jasper
Being 46 or having a BMI of 37 should not stop you from having a mirena coil fitted.
I assume that whoever is fitting it has ruled out other causes of irregular bleeding - I am sure they have but it is also just worth checking with them.
Mirena is often very effective at controlling heavy bleeding. Hope this works for you. If you are interested there is more information on having a it fitted here:

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Is it painful to have the Mirena fitted. I have had 3 internal examinations in the past and have been told that i am highly sensitive to internals. I have just had my smear which i found quite painful and uncomfortable and was just wondering how painful it was to have the Mirena fitted.



Hi @Jasper people’s experience of coil fitting is so variable - but it does involve a speculum examination - like with a smear test and then the coil is inserted beyond the speculum into the womb itself.

If you are happy I could ask @Linde to do a post on the SH:24 instagram feed to gather more people’s experiences of coil fitting so that you could get a range of views - would that be helpful?

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That may help me decide what to do. It would be helpful.



OK - we will do this - it may not be until next week - is that still OK?



Yes that’s fine thanks


Great - in the meantime, if anyone reading this thread has had experience of IUD fitting - especially if they found smear tests uncomfortable, could you share your experience?

I have fitted thousands of coils and there is a great variation in experience - some people feel very little and some people feel a lot. I sometimes think I can tell whether someone is going to have problems - but am very often proved completely wrong. I don’t think I can be more help here - we need other people’s experience…

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I read your post and thought to share my own experience (i have a thread about bleeding on the coil so feel free to read that if you want)

Before i tell you how it was for me, i just want to let you know that i struggled with very painful periods , hence why i got it

Now here is my experience;
To be very honest, it was very painful
I dont usually feel pain when i have my smear test or anything like that
But the coil insertion was painful

The pain was at its worst the first 3 days then started getting better
I had cramps off and on for 2 months and after that the pain fades away

I went from having period pains that are a 10++ out of 10 to 4 out of 10 pain so it was worth it in that matter

One thing i did after the insertion is that i watched some videos on youtube of women who had it and it seemed most women didnt feel that much pain and were ok after the first day

So it is really everyone’s experience is different

Good luck :slight_smile:


Hi Jasper,

I used to have the implant, which I had for 5 years with a break in between. I decided to switch to the IUD after having extended spotting that was random and became very annoying.

I decided to have the Mirena IUD fitted, as I thought the more localised hormones could be better, and the prospect of perhaps not having periods.

I have friends who had the coil inserted, I spoke to them for advice, some said it was uncomfortable, others said they literally didn’t even feel it.

My personal experience was that the insertion was very uncomfortable, I had local anaesthetic applied to my cervix - I am not sure if this just didn’t work, or if it did I cannot imagine what it would have been like without it!

Following the insertion I felt quite dizzy and had to stay at the clinic for a while to lie down before leaving (I was on my own). For the next 10 hours I had the strongest cramps I’ve ever had, I was in the foetal position from when I got home until late in the evening. After this, I felt okay to get up, but still had incredibly strong cramps - the time between them had just reduced from every 2 minutes to every 20 minutes.

I continued having strong cramps for approximately 3 days afterwards, and then for the 7 days after that I had normal (for me) period level cramps, usually in the evenings.

After this, everything seemed like it was fine. When it came to the time my period would be due, I got cramping again and went to check with the clinic that the IUD was in the correct place as I couldn’t find the threads.

Since then it has been absolutely fine, and in the end I ~would~ recommend this to other women, despite the uncomfortable insertion and cramping. (If you had asked me on the day of insertion, I would have said I do not recommend it to anyone who hasn’t had a baby!)

As everyone says, it’s completely different for everyone and my friend said her entire experience was painless and easy. I have never had a smear so it’s hard to compare the pain, but I had no pain having it checked, so it may not be correlated.

My intention was not a horror story, but just proving that despite being uncomfortable and painful, it has still been worth it for me.

I hope this helps!


Last year I had 2 inserted. One in Feb and one about 8 months later after discovering the first one had been expelled.

The first one in Feb I took some painkillers about an hour before going to the clinic - I was advised on this by some friends to help.
While at the clinic I was told to expect three pings of pain. I think expecting the pain to come helped me to prepare.
I found the experience uncomfortable but not necessarily painful.
Unfortunately a week later I had an unexpected heavy flow out of nowhere and in the panic (embarrassment) of the moment didn’t realise the coil had been expelled.
Due to a busy schedule it took me a while to visit the clinic to have all the scans and X-ray done to confirm it was definitely not there.

The second time round I prepared in the exact same way. Expected the same pings of pain and to be fair it was pretty painful (probably twice as painful as the first time) but was over quickly.
I did experience strong cramps on and off for a couple of weeks, but nothing too bad that standard painkillers didn’t help with.

So on both occasions I experienced different levels of uncomfort.
Although I was one of the unlucky ones to have my first one expelled, I’ve been 100% happy with my second one.

The professionals who perform these make you feel well equipped with what to expect and always make you feel as best comfortable as possible.


I had the copper IUD fitted just over two weeks ago. I’d never had an internal examination before I had it fitted. I had a local anaesthic which was a very weird feeling then the fitting itself was uncomfortable but I wouldn’t say painful. I felt fine afterwards, then the stomach cramps started. They were pretty bad the first few hours but subsided after that. I then started my period a few days later. Again I got pretty bad stomach cramps the first couple of days, but they stopped after that. Everything’s fine at the moment so we’ll see how it goes the next couple of months. I wasn’t expecting the threads to be so long and actually went back to the clinic because I was worried it had moved. It hadnt, and they’ve since softened and curled up shorter. Just something to be aware of.


Hi @Jasper, I’m not sure where in the world you are, but I’m from the UK and I can give you my experience of having an IUD fitting. I’m on my second, I had my first one removed in May last year and a new one put I straight away during the same appointment.

I agree with others who have posted that all people’s experineces are different, but personally I found mine not to be that bad. In the UK they use an anaesthetic gel to numb the cervix, which is a little cold, making that part uncomfortable but I wouldn’t say painful.

Actually having the IUD inserted wasn’t pleasant, but the pain is only dull for me, a bit like period pain. I would definitely recommend taking some painkillers and hour or so beforehand to take the edge off. I would say I had some cramps for about and hour afterwards and spotting on and off for two weeks and I was fine.

Both experiences were the same and they were 5 years apart at different doctors which I think also shows the experience hasn’t been too bad for me.

I hope this helps, but as I’ve already mentioned everyone’s experience is different!

Best wishes :blush:


Hi @Jasper, I’m used to experience a similar cycle to what you’re describing and 5 years ago also had my coil fitted. The experience was super uncomfortable for me for various reasons, I was told I would be able to get it fitted at the normal doctors surgery but I was very anxious and as I began to feel a little woozy I somehow pushed out the speculum various times before fainting from the discomfort. After this I was more nervous to return but I was redirected to a special sexual health clinic where they gave me an injection at the neck of the cervix so that I shouldn’t feel to much pain from the speculum. The doctors there told me that I had issues before as I had not had children and had an unusual shape that made it difficult to place the speculum. Everyone has a different shape and they suppose if you have given birth that it will be easier to fit. After 5 years I am glad and it was worth it, as I said I was experiencing a similar cycle to you sometimes 3 weeks bleeding and then after settling down with the coil just some occasional spotting.

One other thing I will say is that since having the coil fitted I have emigrated and when I went for the removal they informed me of something nobody had ever explained to me before, I had PCOS ( Polycystic ovary syndrome ). I was a little alarmed but the gynecologist explained that some people have a different type of ovary and that this could explain why I had always had heavier and irregular cycles. My new gynecologist told me that for patients with Polycystic ovaries the coil is not the most recommended form of controlling it. I am now using a special pill but cannot give feedback as yet as I have not been using it even a month. What I will say is if you are having lots of issues with your cycle or heavy bleeding try to see a gynecologist so you can ask about why that is and what is the most appropriate treatment. I hope this helps in some way.


Hi Jasper,

I have the coil fitted four years ago.

I was using it mainly for contraception but also wanted it to control my periods. I had a really terrible time with it and absolutely would not recommend it.

Having the coil fitted isn’t as straight forward as people claim. It can be quite painful and causes quite strong stomach cramps (like a very very bad period cramp).

Whilst I had the coil, it often became dislodged. One incident it caught my partners penis and we had to take him to A&E.

Whilst on the coil, my periods became significantly heavier. I also experienced extreme back pain whilst on my period.

In the final year of having the coil I got pregnant and the pregnancy was ectopic (your risk of ectopic increases with the coil). I had to spend two weeks in hospital and then miscarried.

I would never ever recommend the coil to anyone I know. I would stay clear.


Hi @Jasper

I was just wondering whether you have found this discussion helpful and whether you have any further questions?

It would be great to know how this conversation influenced your decision making.

Many thanks



Hi. I would like to thank everybody who responded to my query. I have taken on board all of your comments and still feel undecided as to what to do. I am still waiting to hear from my gynacologist so will decide after seeing her


Many thanks for letting us know @Jasper

Hope all goes well with your gynaecologist.