Swab Test - for BV, Thursh and STD/Is




My GP suggested I take some swab tests to test for thursh, BV and any STDs etc. So I went into the GP and had to do it myself. The first swab I did myself was really really painful and the swab had blood on it (I’m not on my period). The second swab was still painful too but only one area of the swab had blood on it.

So I came home and after I went toilet and I wiped and there’s blood on the tissue and some in the toilet too. Is this normal? I’m still in some pain too. What could this be? Because I’ve had to do self swabs before and I’ve been fine this time was awful. The doctor suspects thrush but it’s not for definite yet until I get my results.

Can anyone help?

Thank you


Hello @Honey123

Usually self-taken swab tests do not hurt at all. I cannot think of a reason why they would hurt or make you bleed. I think it would be helpful to tell your GP when you get the results from the swab tests.

Many thanks