Symptoms after chlamydia treatment


So I got tested positive for chlamydia, got the antibiotics and took them all for a week. I waited until the end of the treatment to have sex (my partner got treated too).
My main symptom was pain when urinating. It slowed down thanks to the treatment but never really left. It’s been nearly 2 weeks since I’ve finished the course of antibiotics and after having sex a couple days ago, the symptoms started to be more present again.
I keep drinking a lot of water to help flush out anything but it’s not fun. Yesterday I had urges to go to the toilets but not today, just that burning sensation when I finish peeing.
I will probably call the sexual health clinic tomorrow but I thought I’d post here so maybe I can get some reinsurance of some sort.
It’s really making me feel down…



Hello @Charlie

I am sure that you have called the sexual health clinic and spoken to them by now.

If you have symptoms that persist after treatment then it is important to visit your local clinic so that they can make an assessment of your symptoms.

They will do an examination and take additional tests to check to check that there are no other infections present.

Many thanks