Taken minipill late two days in a row


I started taking the minipill on Monday morning (approx 7-9am). Took it at the same time on Tuesday.
However, Wednesday I forgot and took it at 22:00. Likewise with Thursday.
Would it better to just stick to taking it at 22:00 every day or take it in the morning again from Friday?
Will I still be protected if i had sex tonight?


Hi Fefe
You should take the pill at the time that best suits you in terms of your ability to remember it. If you are on a pill that contains desogestrel like Cerazette then you have 12 hours to remember to take it.

Once you have missed a pill - you need to take it as soon as you remember it and the next one on time. But once you have missed a pill it takes 2 pills taken correctly over 48 hours before you build up your contraceptive cover.

So if you missed yesterday’s pill and assuming that you took todays pill on time this morning and that you take tomorrows pill on time tomorrow morning, you will not be covered for contraception until sunday morning.

If you are struggling with remembering to take your pill, have a look at our contraception pages in case there is an option that suits you better.

Many thanks, Paula