Test results delay


Hi, I received a text on Wednesday morning stating that my test kit had been received by the lab. It mentioned that my results may be delayed due to your partner laboratories processing growing numbers of COVID-19 tests.

It’s almost been 72 hours and I still haven’t received a text with my results. I’m slightly worried. How much of a delay should expect with everything that’s currently going on? Thanks!


Hello @iyxzzz

72 hours is the standard turn around time for our labs, so any delay will be over and above that. As you say, Covid 19 testing is being prioritised by most laboratories across the country so there are some delays. Please be patient - we will get your results to you as soon as possible.

Many thanks



Hi @Dr_Paula

Thanks for getting to me so quickly! I was just being a bit impatient. I received my results not long after I typed out this post. I can relax now :smile:


Thats great news, thanks for letting me know.



Hi, I had a text last Friday saying that my kit had been received, but still no results? I know Covid is taking priority, but not normally had to wait this long.