The IUD for emergency contraception - some clinical information



This week we had an interesting topic on the forum about using the IUD for emergency contraception

It is not well known as a method of emergency contraception - most people think the ‘morning after pill’ is their only option.


Here is some more clinical info:

  • you can have a copper IUD for emergency contraception, but NOT the hormonal one

  • the copper IUD works by preventing implantation and by creating an environment that is unsuitable for egg or sperm survival

  • a copper IUD fitted can be fitted within 5 days of unprotected sex, or within 5 days of your earliest predicted date of ovulation.

You should be able to get an emergency IUD fitted at any sexual health clinic

They should see you on that day or arrange for you to be seen somewhere else on that day.
You may have to wait - but they should not refuse to see you on that day - even if they are really busy and even if there are no appointments available.