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I’m currently on the pill - brand munalea for 2 months, before I was on ridgendon for 2 months before. I swapped because of side effects. I keep seeing people post about how they’re in hospital because of being on the pill and what it’s done to them and it’s really stressing me out. I want to come off of, today Is my first day of the break and I’m meant to start my next pack next Thursday however I go on holiday on the Sunday. Is there any alternative of not bleeding for a month etc. I don’t want a period on holiday and want to come off the pill.


Hi @Hol2001

Thanks for posting.

It would be good to clarify your concerns - where are people posting about being in hospital because of the pill and what were the effects that put them there.

Its always worth sorting out the difference between the health risks of the pill - things that could actually make you ill and put you in hospital - these are rare - I could provide up to date evidence on each of them if you let me know which ones you have been reading about - but there is general information here:

Side effects are things that don’t actually make you ill and put you in hospital - but can be really unpleasant. It is important to be aware of side effects and manage them - we spend a lot of time discussing them on this forum.

You have switched between two different types of combined pill. Both contain artificial copies of the natural hormones in your body (oestrogen and progestagen) but they have a different types of progestagen.

When you stop the pill then the decrease in hormone in your body always causes a bleed - its called a withdrawal bleed. So since you are on the first day of your break today you will probably start bleeding in the next couple of days and the bleeding will probably stop within 5-7 days. This is not guaranteed but this is what usually happens.

Do you go on holiday this Sunday (the day after tomorrow) or next Sunday?
If it is next Sunday then you should have stopped bleeding by then.
If it is this Sunday then the only way to stop the bleeding is to keep taking the pill until you come back from holiday.

I understand that this is not what you want to do as you want to stop the pill - but there is not really any other option.

The most important thing to think about if you decide to stop the pill is - what are you going to use for contraception while you are away?

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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I think condoms are the best form of contraception since they protect against STIs as well - plus they are completely hormone free.

I know the horror stories can be really daunting but like with all medication there can be severe health risks but they are really rare and it really differs from person to person whether you will be effected in that way. The most important thing is listening to your body and trusting your instinct, so not let doctors or anyone else belittle or dismiss any side effects you are experiencing. I know a lot of people who the pill works great for but equally others who had side effects (nothing that required hospitalisation though!)
Personally i stopped the pill as I was going through some health problems, and wanted to make sure the pill wasn’t effecting it. There was no change so don’t seem it was but I realised I preferred condoms anyways so stayed off it.