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My girlfriend recently had a ema. (Early medical abortion) due to very personal reasons. However, she has been on the pop now for 7 days today. She’s worrying that she may have a chance of getting pregnant again quickly as even though we doubled up using contraception. There was one time whilst having sex or twice that we didn’t double up. Will she still be protected by having the pop pill for 7 days? Is there any advice you can give? She has to take a test on the 10th of June anyway to see if the EMA was successful. What should we do?


Hello @Coco

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If your girlfriend started the POP on days 1-5 after her EMA then it should be effective from that day as long as she took it regularly and did not miss any pills.

If she is on a POP containing gestodene then she has 12 hours to remember to take the pill. If she is on any of the other POPs she has 3 hours to remember to take the pill.

If she started between 1 and 5 days after the EMA and has been taking the pill on time and has not missed any pills then the POP should be more than 99% effective.

Does this information help to answer your question?

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Many thanks for your response
She had the EMA on the Wednesday and started the pill on the Sunday which was advised by professionals. She is taking the Desogesterel pill which I think is the same as taking it within 12 hours? She has been keeping on top of it very well but has had to take it earlier on one day and later on one day but only about 1 hour or 2 hour differences. I think she is very worried about having to find out again and going through the process again, if it were too happen.
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Hello @Coco

If she had the EMA on the Wednesday and started the pill on the Sunday then this is within 5 days, so that means that the POP should be effective from the first day of taking it. It sounds like she is taking it correctly and that therefore it should be more than 99% effective - the 1-2 hour differences in the timing of taking it should be fine.
I completely understand about the worry about getting pregnant again and there is no harm in using condoms as well, but the POP if taken properly is considered to be a highly effective method of contraception.

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Yeah she has been keeping on top of it. Thankyou so much for the support and advice. This has really helped reassure me and her within this situation.
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No worries - thanks for your question.