I’m quite annoyed, I’ve had a stressful few month , I was quite sore and red, sex with my partner was painful, so I went to the doctors a few month ago, no STDS just thrush, so they gave me a pessary. I inserted it and a few weeks went by and the discharge hadn’t gone, So I took a canesten pill , nothing changed , my mam reassured me white discharge is normal, so I carried on as normal, howver sex was still painful , so they gave me a triple swan examination, everything came back ok just still thrush so they gave me Another pessary, yet again didn’t work. I’ve explained to the doctor the thrush hasn’t gone and come back it just has never gone, I’ve stopped having sex for a while now, I’ve been perscribed 2 weeks worth of Fluconazole, will this work is it stronger?


Hello @Girl123

Many thanks for your question.

First a note about thrush. Most people carry the yeast that causes thrush in the vagina and on their skin. Mostly it does not cause symptoms, but when it does, as you know it can be a significant problem. As it is normally present in the body, most treatment does not aim to get rid of it totally, but just to calm it down so it does not cause problems.

Usually the treatment is a tablet in the vagina, usually with cream for the outside as well or a single oral tablet. Both are equally effective.

If this does not clear up the problem then it is normal to do an examination to check for other causes of pain and itching, such as eczema or allergy. At this stage it is good practice to do a swab to confirm that this is thrush. It is worth treating again and people do try longer courses of the vaginal tablets at this stage or a second dose of the oral tablet. However I have not heard of people giving longer courses of the oral tablet as you describe except in the situation below.

If you experience more than 4 outbreaks in 12 months and at least some of them are confirmed with laboratory tests so we know that it is definitely thrush that is causing the problem then doctors may prescribe a longer course of treatment.

I am not familiar with the 2 weeks of Fluconazole that you describe and it is not described in the guidance so it might be worth checking with your doctor that you have the correct dose.

If you are having trouble with pain during sex then it is worth visiting your local sexual health service for a specialist opinion.

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