Hi I take cerazette and have been experiencing thrush quite regularly. I’ve been tested for other health conditions and it’s all negative. I’ve been prescribed itraconazole for 1 day so 2 tablets twice a day. I know I need to use other methods of contreception with this. However I’m due to start it today and I’ve started to have a period so didn’t know if I could still take it? And second it says to continue using condoms till your next period however I’m irregular due to the pill and it could be months until I have another.


Hello @Nadine_Stacie

I am very happy to help with this question if I can. I try to give clinical information rather than doing a one to one consultation. I am not sure that I completely understand your question, but the information below might be useful.

  1. It is important that you have good contraception when taking itraconazole as this medication should not be taken during pregnancy. But you are on Cerazette and presumably taking it regularly so I am not sure that I understand why you need additional contraception. There is no harm in using condoms as well for back up. This would be very important if you tend to miss pills.

  2. Itraconazole does not reduce the effectiveness of Cerazette.

  3. Itraconozole should be out of your system within 48 hours - if it says use condoms until your next period then condoms for 4 weeks would seem sensible.

  4. It might be helpful to remember that thrush is ‘everywhere’ on your skin, in your bowel etc. It sometimes overgrows in the vagina and causes irritation. It is not something that you can get rid of. But we can reduce the amount in the vagina and this helps the symptoms. So treatment is about managing the symptoms not getting rid of the infection. I could not tell from your question whether you have symptoms now. In general we only treat thrush if it is causing symptoms at the time of treatment.

I think this is a really important issue, so I will do a ‘top pick’ on thrush.

I am not sure if I have completely answered your questions so do come back if this is not clear.

Many thanks



I have just done a ‘top-pick’ on thrush with some more information in case this is useful.



Thank you for your reply. I saw a doctor on Thursday with ongoing issues below and she said I had thrush it’s an ongoing problem for me at the moment with itching and things. You have been very informative with the information. I’ve had missed messages regarding the effectiveness of cerazette whilst taking this medication. Some say it makes it less effective and others said it doesn’t. I’m so glad for your response.


Many thanks @Nadine_Stacie.
I hope your symptoms improve.