Unknown vaginal bleeding



hi @Dr_Paula,

I was hoping you could help me with an issue I have been having. I am 19 and have had the implant 3 years come February 2021. I’ve never had an issue with bleeding before until recently. since having the implant I got irregular periods every few months, which doesn’t bother me. since my last period (4 weeks ago) every time my partner and do anything that involves penetration I begin to bleed. it does not hurt but there is quite a significant amount of blood. After reading up on it, I took a pregnancy test and came back negative. I also took a sti test back in April and came back negative, however, I have had 2 partners since. I have tried to get an appointment at my local GP and sexual health clinic but I am getting nowhere fast. any help would be appreciated as I am starting to get worried.

thank you


Hello @juicy

Many thanks for your question.

As you know irregular bleeding on the implant is common.

As you also know, it is worth checking for other causes of bleeding - you have checked two of the most common by doing a pregnancy test and an STI screen. If you are old enough for a smear (24) then I would make sure that you are up to date with that as well.

If all of these are negative then some people recommend a 3 month course of the combined pill to control the bleeding - but this tends to give you a break rather than cure the problem.

Most sexual health services are doing telephone appointments at the moment. So it might be worth booking one of those and at least talking it through with them. On that basis you can decide a plan with them.

Many thanks