Unprotected sex and worried please help



@Dr_Paula @DrRachel Hey so my bf and i we had unprotected s*x On tuesday (10 dec) , it was my first time , he is not sure if he came inside me but then precum was there when he pulled out, as it was my first time but my hymen didnt tear ,i m 23 years old and working , i m stressed and really worried , i dont want to be pregnant at this stage ,and it says EC pills are effective,even if the sperm went inside me i took the pills within 12 hours (11th hour) , do u think one pill is enough to stop pregnancy or stop the sperm to meet , so i really dont know what to do , all i want to know is that even if sperm went inside is one EC IS ENOUGH TO PREVENT PREGNANCY , levonorgestrel 1.5MG ONE TABELT , Please help, i always get my periods irregularly , the last time i got was one 23rd nov i m really stressed


Hello @Saddu12

Many thanks for your question.

Emergency contraception is very effective, although not 100%. How effective it is and also your risk of pregnancy in general depends on where in your cycle you are. The type that you took is more effective if you take it soon after pregnancy risk, so the fact thqt you took it within 12 hours is good.

The way to find our whether the EC has worked is to do a pregnancy test. This should be done 3 weeks after you took the EC - so I think that makes it the 31st December. If you have a negative pregnancy test on the 31st December then you can be reassured that you are not pregnant.

Going forward, have you thought about a form of regular contraception so that you don’t need to go through this stressful process again?

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Thank you so much , it was my first time and it just happened in the flow it wasn’t plan and in future i m not looking forward for more , right now the only thing i m concerned about is my periods , so i never cared about my periods and its always have been irregular, the only thing I remember is that my periods were on 23rd nov , so i wanted to know as a irregular person when i m supposed to get my periods now my cycle always have been 35-40 days and above , its been 13 days since that act and i m not seeing any pregnancy symptoms so i hope i m not pregnant as i m not ready for it , and the guy is sure that he didnt cum inside me and pulled out on time but i m still concerned and worried , but i m trying to relax myself as it can delay my periods,

So my last periods started 23 nov and i did this on 10 December so idk how to know which cycle or day it was.

And from few days i m getting normal vaginal discharge which is thin white watery and nonsticky but its very very less


Hello @Saddu12

Thanks for your response.

So, usually you ovulate 14 days before your next period. So if you have a 35-40 day cycle then you would probably ovulate on day 35 minus 14, do day 21. Since your last period was on the 23rd November then we would expect you to ovulate around 21 days after that , so around Friday 13th December. Or if this was a 40 day cycle we would expect you to ovulate around 18th December.

This means that there is a small risk of pregnancy from the sex that you had on the 10th December, made smaller by the fact that it is likely that your partner withdrew.

So, it seems like you should be reassured that your risk of pregnancy if fairly small but that it is really important that you do a pregnancy test 21 days after the sex, that is on the 31st.

Hope all goes well.

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But then he didnt cum inside and i took the pills , i dont there is chances of me being pregnant,which is good