Using morning after pill a lot



Hi, I’ve only just started having sex with my boyfriend - I never had sex with any guys before him, but I haven’t got round to getting a pill or anything yet, I just keep using the morningn after pill. We do use condoms but sometimes we forget or I’ve been a bit drunk and not sure if it split or anything so i get really worried in the morning. lots of my friends just go and get the map cos they don’t want to go to doc for the pill but i was worried that it might be bad to take it all the time. i’m not sure i’ll stay with this guy but it would be good to have some back up. am 16


@josiejojo I think it’s okay to take the morning after pill more than once but not great long term.

Is there a reason why you don’t go to the GP and get proper contraception? Seems like less bother than getting morning after pill over and over and if it was me it it would put my mind at ease rather than worrying every time you think you might be pregnant.


@josiejojo go and get some contraception - once you’ve got it you can stop worrying and it’s a lot less hassle. i used the morning after a few times, think i spent all night worrying and got up at a ridiculous hour in the morning. Eventually just went to a drop in clinic and got the mini pill (am now using the coil, but this was years ago) and kept using condoms if i had different partners. You should also get an STI test if you haven’t been using a condom - pregnancy isn’t the only thing you have to worry about! And if the guy doesn’t want to wear a condom then you might want to think about a different guy…


Hey @josiejojo,

if you dont want to go to your GP about your contraception - you can go a clinic where its more discreet.
You can enter your postcode here on SH:24 to find a local clinic to you.

If you want to have a look at the different types of contraception you might want to start trying you can read all the different discussions on here or look again at SH:24 on their information pages on each method.

The sooner you start using a method the sooner you can start getting used to it - even if you don’t stay with your current partner - its good to be prepared yourself.

Some methods e.g. the combined pill can help with painful or heavy periods or spotty skin which I was really glad of when I first started taking the pill.

If you have any questions you can start a new topic on this forum or you can @ @Dr_Paula or @NurseCharlotte and they could give you some more personalised advice?

Good luck, Mol