Vaginal tears


A week ago my partner and I had rough sex. The vigorous penetration along with not being lubricated enough caused what I think are vaginal tears. Initially I thought it would heal within few days but it has been 10 days and my vagina is still red, swollen, itchy, throbbing and has a slight pain when urinating, making me question whether it is something more serious than just extreme vaginal tearing. Normally I would have sought advise from my GP however due our unprecedented circumstances I was hoping to find the answers here.

Could it be an infection? If so, would I be able to get the necessary treatment by post?

If it is just vaginal tearing, how can I help speed up the healing process?

Thank you in advance.


Hello @Abcd

Obviously I can’t make a diagnosis on this forum, but it might be at least worth considering whether this is thrush?

Could be worth a trial of treatment, but if this is not helpful, definitely a visit to your doctor.

Hope helpful.