Very dry-


Any one have problems with being very dry and tight when having sex. Is there something wrong. I have the non hormonal coil fitted, would that be causing this issue ?


Hi @yumi. How long have you had the coil? and did you notice the dryness before?

I’ve not used the non hormonal coil so can’t say for certain but if it correlates to getting the coil fitted then maybe it would be worth asking one of the clinical team @Dr_Paula @NurseCharlotte if this is common?


Hi Yumi
Thanks for your question. The non-hormonal coil is unlikely to cause a person to be dry or tight during sex. Since it has no hormones, only copper it should also not affect your libido.

It might be worth trying simple lubricants during sex, but also thinking about how you feel about the sex that you are having. Not enjoying sex or low levels of arousal are the common reasons for dryness during sex.

This could be for simple reasons - like maybe not trusting the IUD as a contraceptive or more complex ones like relationships or stress.

Knowing what you know about your current situation - does any of this make sense to you?