Wanting to get sterilised


I am married and 29 and I have no intention of wanting to start a family. I have always felt this way and my husband supports me. I went to the doctor last year and she reccomend i get the 10 year copper coil. I had it taken out this year as it was causing me alot of pain. I now want to get sterilised and i am worried I will have to argue with the doctors to listen to me. We currently use condoms and if I was to catch on pregnant then I would terminate. Thkugh with the whole covid 19 situation at the moment I havent rung my doctors. Should I start pushing for it now


Hello @Estella1991

Many thanks for your questions and apologies for my slow response - I am just back from holiday and catching up.

Yes, I think it would be worth contacting your doctor.

Because regret rates with sterilisation are fairly high and it cannot be reversed then all the guidelines suggest that younger people should look at longer term reversible methods rather than sterilisation. This is partly because many of the reversible methods are more effective than sterilisation (which still has a failure rate) and is a more invasive procedure.

So it is worth thinking carefully about sterilisation and exactly what it involves and its failure rate compered with other methods. There is more information about the proceedure in this thread. About to get sterilised, how was the operation?

If you do decide that it is important for you to get sterilised then it is just a case of carefully explaining this to your doctor or the gynaecologist. In order to go agains current guidelines they will need to have detailed information from you that this is what you want to do. I think it is probably just about being persistent and reassuring them that you would not change your mind even if your circumstances changed. Most gynaecologists will have experience of situations where someone is sterilised but then circumstances change and they regret their decision. I am not at all saying that this is likely to happen to. you, but it might be helpful to know that it is that sort of thing that is worrying to them.

Hope helpful