What can be done to increase effectiveness of a Plan B pill?



I was raped last night. I just took a Plan B pill, it is about 20 hours since it happened. I am also on a combined contraceptive pill normally, but I must admit I don’t take it perfectly, there was an episode within the last week when I had to take two pills at the same time because I forgot to take a pill the day before. It never bothered me much before because I am normally not sexually active, I only take the pills for health reasons, but now I am extremely concerned. What are my chances of getting pregnant anyway? Is there something, anything else I can do to make sure I wouldn’t get pregnant, besides getting an IUD (the doctor told me I can’t get an IUD at the time because my cervix is damaged)? Would taking an extra Plan B pill make it more reliable, or would it make no difference?
Thank you in advance.


Hello @Nessie

I am really sorry that I missed your post - I did not see it until now.

If you weigh over 70Kgs then 2 doses of the levonorgestrel type of emergency contraceptive are more effective.

It is very reassuring that you are also on the combined pill - usually with the combined pill then you need to miss 2 pills for the effectiveness to be reduced and it sounds from your description that you only missed one in the previous week.

It seems like your risk of pregnancy must be very low. Having said that, I am sure that your doctors will advise a pregnancy test 3 weeks after the incident.

Many thanks