What contraception is left for me?




I’ve never posted on a forum before but here goes…

I’m struggling to know which contraceptive to try next as I have pretty much run out of options. I can’t use a combined pill as I get migraines with aura, tried the implant and bled through it, tried mini pill Cerazette and bled through that, about to get the marina coil removed as I have lost about a third of my hair since getting it. I have been offered the depo injection but I’m really not keen as I have PCOS and would be scared the injection affected my fertility further. I have also been offered the copper coil but can see from researching online that it can also cause hair loss. I really don’t know what to do or try next? Is the copper coil worth trying? Or will we just have to resort to good old passion killing condoms? Any advice or suggestions would be helpful. Thanks


Hello @ashjam86

Sounds like a long and difficult contraceptive journey.

A couple of suggestions that could be useful:

First, the copper coil could be worth a try. I have not ever heard of it causing hair loss. It does, however cause periods that are often longer and heavier than usual, so your decision might depend on what your periods are usually like.

Second, you could consider the new diaphragm Caya diaphragm - more info here https://sh24.org.uk/contraception/diaphragm . It is 82% effective so less effective than some of the alternatives.

Third - and depending on whether you have a regular cycle with your PCOS you could consider a natural family planning method such as natural cycles.

Finally there are other mini pills (apart from Cerazette) that might be worth a try.

Many thanks for posting - particularly for the first time - I would be interested to have your thoughts on these options.