What else could it be?


@Dr_Paula I got my results back and they were negative, which I thought they would be but I still have symptoms like thick yellowy odourless discharge and soreness. It’s been prob nearly 4 months. Could it be a different type of infection that’s not an STI? Can my doctors test for this? I was negative for BV & Thrush and I’m up to date with smear.
I just want to go back to normal!


Hello @Flaminghooves

Many thanks for your question. I do not know what is causing your discharge but I thought that it might be useful to add that thrush tests are generally very unreliable and it is possible to have thrush with a negative test. It is a common cause of vaginal soreness so it might be worth buying thrush treatment from the pharmacy to see if it helps. Of course if it does not then I would advise you to go back to your doctor.

Many thanks