What's the difference between the different combined pills?


I have always been on one type, and now my Dr has prescribed me a different one, could I get different side effects?


I had been using micogynon for a couple of years, then when I moved the new Drs prescribed me Rigevidon, and I felt like I was in a constantly low mood on Rigevidon so I asked to switch back. It was a bit of a battle with the GP, so now I tactically make appointments with a nurse instead - much more understanding!! Also I wasn’t sure if it was the pill or life that was getting me down, but back on Microgynon and I am much more myself. aparently there is not much evidence to prove different combined pills affect people differently but I belive they can! Keep an eye on it…


@Beani Some combined pills do contain different quantities of hormone… Rigevidon has the same active ingredients in the same quantities as Microgynon, so theoretically you should feel exactly the same on both pills. However, there may be differences between brands in terms of the non-hormonal ingredients that are present …
It would be interesting to see what other people’s experiences have been?