When to get coil fitted



Hi, I wondered if anyone could help as too when I should get a coil fitted. I had unprotected sex 2 weeks ago and my period isn’t due for another week. Am I best to wait until I’ve had my period to get this fitted or would I be safe to book after 2 clear weeks as long as I’ve taken a pregnancy test that comes back negative? Thanks


Hello @Lyd

Depending on when your last period was and if you are planning to get a copper IUD fitted it might still be possible to use this as emergency contraception to protect you from the sex that you had 2 weeks.

If you are too late for emergency contraception or you want an IUS (hormone coil/Mirena) then you should wait until after your next period or 3 weeks after unprotected sex and a negative pregnancy test.

If you want to let me know when your last period was and the length of your normal cycle I can help you calculate whether you are still eligible to use it for emergency contraception.

If that is not clear then just come back with more questions.

Many thanks



I have attached the picture of when my last period was and circled when the unprotected sex was. Thank you!


Many thanks.

Assuming that you have a 28 day cycle then you can fit an IUD up until day 19 of that cycle as emergency contraception which would have been the 3rd March.

So it is too late for an IUID.

But if you have had no further unprotected sex since the 23rd then you could do a pregnancy test 3 weeks later on the 16th and then have a hormonal or non-hormonal coil fitted or if your period comes before then - it looks like it is due on the 13th then you could have a coil fitted anytime after the start of a normal period.

You would just need to wait enough days to check that it was normal flow for you - this is because sometimes you can have a short or light period even if pregnant.

Hope helpful.