When to remove Copper coil


I have a copper coil and have read that after removal you should wait a few cycles before trying to conceive.
We are hoping to start trying to conceive in April/May.

When should I have my coil removed? Is it correct regarding needing a few periods before trying to conceive?


@XOXO a friend of mine had her copper coil removed and was pregnant within about 4 months. She was 35 when she conceived though so I think your age could make a difference.

But in general from what I’ve heard your fertility should return to normal after it’s removed.


There is no need to wait for a few cycles before trying to get pregnant after having a copper coil removed. You can remove it whenever you want and start trying to get pregnant immediately.

Before trying to get pregnant it is a good idea to start taking folic acid and possibly vitamin D and to start thinking about your well being in general including thinking about diet, alcohol and caffeine.

Folic acid should be taken at the recommended dose for 2 months before you get pregnant and for the first 12 weeks or pregnancy. Vitamin D is also recommended for some populations.

You can see more information about preparing for pregnancy here:

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