When will my fertility return after using contraception?



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@amyl asked whether being on the progestagen only pill for a long period of time with no periods could affect her fertility. The guidance from the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health says there are no concerns about return of fertility after stopping this pill and quotes a study published in the Journal ‘Contraception’ in 2005. This study followed 99 women after stopping the desogestrel containing mini pill - using daily ultrasound to find out when they ovulated. They found that the shortest number of days until ovulation was 7 and the longest was 30.

The advice on the injectable contraceptive would be different. Studies on return to fertility after using this method showed that it took 70-358 days to ovulate after using the injectable contraceptive. Everyone’s fertility returned, it just took a lot longer.

Evidence on return to fertility after using the combined pill suggests that most women ovulate within a month.

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