Which morning after pill to take?


I can see online that there are two types of emergency contraceptive pill - which is better? I didnt know where was more than one type!?


Hey, I think it mostly depends how long you wait to take it after sex, just go to a pharmacy, they have a set of questions you need to answer before they give it to you. I wouldnt worry about it to be honest, it 's not like you really have to make a choice between the two, they’ll decide depending on how you answer their questions.


Hi Laura, yes there are two types of emergency hormonal contraceptive pill.
One is the three day (72 hours), the most common brand in the UK is Levonelle. It contains progestogen.
The other is the 5 day (120 hours) most common brand in the UK is EllaOne. This contains ulipristal acetate and is slightly more effective than the one containing progestogen, but it may prevent other types of hormonal contraception from working for a week after use, so make sure you ask about this if it applies to you.

Emergency contraceptive pills are by far the most popular method of emergency contraception, however the most effective method of emergency contraception is the IUD (non-hormonal coil).
You can read more about emergency contraceptives on SH:24: https://sh24.org.uk/contraception#emergency