Which partner should be sterilised?


My partner and I have completed our lovely little family and don’t want any more children. We are debating who should get sterilised. What are the pros and cons of each?


I was about to start a topic like this! be really grateful to hear from other couples that have had to make this decision.


I have heard that it is safer for men to get sterilized as there tends to be less complications


Hi there
There are many reasons why couples who are considering sterilisation decide whether sterilisation is right for them and which partner should undergo the procedure, but it is true, from a medical perspective that vasectomy is safer and quicker to perform and is associated with fewer medical problems than female sterilsation. You can read more on female sterilisation here https://www.sh24.org.uk/contraception/female-sterilisation and on male sterlisation here https://www.sh24.org.uk/contraception/male-sterilisation. If anyone reading this post has experience of sterilisation and would like to share what it was like then this might be helpful for others trying to make a decision.
Thanks for raising this important question.