Why don't UK people use the vaginal rings?


I can see the vaginal ring on SH:24 website list of contraceptions. Many friends in Spain use this method but why its not popular in England? Is it safe and good?


WHAAAT. Ive never heard of vaginal rings. I dont get it, why would you push something up there when you dont have to, theres much easier ways… ah hahah no i dont get it.


Hello Susanna,

The vaginal ring is a newer method (available in 2001) of delivering the similar hormones to those found in the combined pill and it works in exactly the same way and is just as effective - maybe more so as you only have to take action (insert or remove the ring) every three weeks so there is less chance of forgetting than taking a pill each day.
I am not sure if it is less commonly used because people are uncomfortable with inserting and removing something from their vagina.
It would be interesting to hear more about people’s experience with this method as it is less commonly known about.
Vaginal rings are available on the NHS in England, if you live here and would like to use them you can go to a local clinic or your GP to discuss a prescription. They will ask you a set of questions about your health history to ensure its safe a suitable for you to use.

You can read more about the contraceptive ring on SH:24 here: https://sh24.org.uk/contraception/ring


I used the ring for over 2 years and it is the only type of contraception (out of the 4 I’ve tried) that I’ve ever really been happy with. I think people don’t use it just because they don’t know about it, I’ve tried to talk to a lot of people about the benefits and educate them in how it works. For someone who suffers with IBS I always had a worry that the pill would fail and so this didn’t work for me. To have something that you can control, put in by yourself and take out by yourself, and that you don’t have to worry about for three whole weeks at a time is a good choice for me. The only annoying thing is if it comes out during sex but you can just wash it and put it back in Within three hours and you’re fine. I would really recommend it!


@rosie interesting to hear this is a useful method to use if you suffer from IBS.

Would be interested to hear if other people who have IBS choose certain types of contraception to work with their condition and if so, what works?


I’m Canadian and I tried the ring in Canada. Currently living in the UK. I have to say that the NuvaRing gave me horrible side effects. I have always had some issues with mouth ulcers, but while I was on the NuvaRing my ulcers became huge and painful and more numerous than ever before, to the point that I found it hard to eat sometimes. I never had this issue with the birth control pill I used (Linessa) and as soon as I stopped using the NuvaRing this issue cleared up. It was truly bizarre and frightening, just a word of caution to anyone who does already get the occasional ulcer that NuvaRing seems to exacerbate them.


Hi @Katherine
This is really interesting. Mouth ulcers are not listed as a side effect of the contraceptive ring. It would be really interesting to know if anyone else has had this experience? I have not come across it before. Thanks for sharing this.