Why I love the implant


I would just like to say how much I love the implant. I have been using the implant for ten years. That’s right - I’m on my 4th one!

I was originally taking the combined pill but I was always worried about forgetting to take it. I was paranoid all the time as I really didn’t want to get pregnant. When I went to see the Dr about using the injection, she recommended the implant. I’ve never looked back!

I have go admit that there is some discomfort when it’s fitted: you get the feeling of an injection when they numb the area and afterwards your arm is sore for a couple of days. On the plus side, you only need to go through this discomfort one every three years! So I think it’s worth it.

When I first started on the implant, my periods were all over the place, so my doctor prescribed the pill on top for three months just to ‘settle’ the periods. Now I find that for the first two years of the implant, I have a (very light) period approximately every 100 days. Once I’m onto the final year of the three years I tend to have monthly periods. This will be different for everyone, though. Some if my friends who used the implant and had no periods at all. Some friends’ periods never settled so they ended up having it removed.

I hope this has been helpful for anyone who is unsure about whether to give it a go. I’d definitely recommend!

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Thanks @Gemma1
I think it is so helpful to share positive stories about the implant!


I feel like you very rarely hear good things about implants but I think it is one of the contraceptives that is a bit less used, certainly than the pill, and people don’t openly talk about contraception much, other than perhaps when it really hasn’t worked for you. So it’s really a case of the old adage, you always hear about the bad but never the good.
So, I love it! I’ve had one for the last 9 years, since I was 23.
I still have bleeding and actually my first one I stayed pretty regular with. My periods were always fairly light, about 6 or 7 days long and I didn’t used to get much in the way of cramping. And not much changed with the implant. I could just forget about it for 3 years, insertion was easy, though a little bruising and I’ve never experienced it getting lost thankfully.
When the first was running out and I wanted to have a second one there was a bit of a break between when it would run out and when I got another. Essentially I left it late, couldn’t get an appointment for a while at the clinic that fitted around my work and my GP refused to give me the pill to cover me while I waited! He was clearly not that experienced in the implant and didn’t want to give me that on top as he wasn’t sure about the impact of that, which I guess was the safe thing to do if he wasn’t clear. So I used condoms in the meantime. I don’t know if that break then meant that when I had my second in, my body reacted differently. I’d no idea when I would bleed, I did get breaks but sometimes only 5 days then would bleed for 14 days or so. Not heavy but annoying enough. So I returned to the clinic and was given the pill for 3 months. After that things seemed to settle down, though was more like an 11 day bleed in 30 days. After a year, this settled right down into a shorter bleed, regularly like a typical period. Sometimes it is so light, my menstrual cup isn’t even necessary.
It all settled down so well and is so convenient, I got my 3rd one a couple years ago again.
I only need to remember to do something about it after 3 years, I don’t need to worry if I am sick, I don’t run out of it. It’s just nice to not have to constantly think about contraception and being with my partner for all of that time, having something that doesn’t impact either of us in any big way is a huge bonus.


Actually, to add to that-my advice is that if you have problems with bleeding, don’t sit on it and get more and more upset about it until you decide to just get it out. Be proactive, go back, explain if you are having irregular bleeding, frequent bleeding or bleeding all the time and ask for help. Having the pill on top made a big difference to me. I think knowing i had a good experience the first time made it easier for me to go back sooner and not get too frustrated with it.

There are things they can do that can help-though I appreciate that might not work in everyone. don’t leave it until you get to the stage where you just want it out, if you wait that long, you’ve waited too long to do something about it.
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Many thanks @Renee.
It is so useful to share your experience.
It is detail like this that you never hear from doctors.
I think it is really helpful to know this sort of stuff in advance for those considering the implant.
Thanks again.