Will it work if I've had sex multiple times in 3 days?


I’ve had unprotected sex a few times in the last three days, if I go take the emergency pill, will it cover me for all of those times?


hello @Morgan, I’m sorry for the late reply, hopefully you did go to the clinic or asked a pharmacy for advice.

Yes, even if you have had sex several times in a few days you may still be suitable to take the emergency contraceptive pill. One pill you have up to 120 hours (5 days) to take. If you have already ovulated this month it is unlikely to be effective though.

A better option may be the IUD (non- hormonal coil).

We used to call the emergency contraceptive pill the ‘morning after’ pill but you do have longer than this to act.


But is there any reason why you can’t use the morning after pill a lot?? Cos some of my friends use it 4 or 5 times in a month and I am worried that this might not be good for you??


I don’t really know if it’s dangerous or not to use it lots of times in the same month, but it’s possible that it might not be as effective? Just thinking about if you’re using it 5 times in a month and the effectiveness of the morning after pill often depends on your period/ where you are in your cycle, like if you’ve ovulated or not.


Thanks @hmc1
You are right - it is safe to take the morning after pill many times in a month - but the risk of pregnancy will be high. The morning after pill is really only a back up method if you have had a problem with contraception.

Hi @trottie
The morning after pill is not effective enough to use as a regular contraceptive method. You can see more about how it works here Do people know how the 'morning after pill' works?
It works by delaying ovulation (the egg being released from the ovary so that it is ready to be fertilised). If you have already ovulated and an egg is already waiting - it wont work at all. So it is more effective to use a regular method of contraception. You can see more on our contraceptive information pages here



@trottie I’ve been thinking of an analogy for this…
It’s a bit like going on a hot holiday and only packing aftersun lotion. If you’re worried about getting sunburnt why not just take suncream to protect your skin? You’re likely to get burnt if you go in the hot sun: Suncream will protect you from getting burnt, aftersun only might help when it’s a bit too late.

If you’re worried about your friends, like @Dr_Paula and @hrmc1 say it’s not dangerous to take the emergency pill multiple times but if they are worried about getting pregnant they should try a more effective way of stopping this from happening. Tell them about this forum!